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Gift Aid

GIFT AID at St Andrew’s Thornton Heath

Gift Aid is a government scheme that allows all charities to claim an additional 25p back in tax for every £1 that is donated.  For us at St Andrew’s, weekly collections (standing orders and cash collections) are our main source of income. We encourage all our parishioners who are UK taxpayers to participate in the scheme.

What you can do to help

The  conditions  are  very  simple.    You  must  currently  be  paying  UK  tax  and  have  paid sufficient income tax or capital gains tax to cover the amount reclaimed by the parish.  You must inform the parish office should your tax position changes.  All UK tax payers including people on state pensions are eligible.  All you need to do is to sign the Gift Aid Declaration Form and preferably tick the second box wherever possible.  We encourage you to make your donations by standing order as this gives you the convenience to continue with your weekly  or  monthly  payments  uninterrupted  even  when  you  are  away  on  holidays  or business. It also allows us to plan for a consistent level of income.

We also would like you to have a box of gift aid envelopes for second collections or top ups. If  you  put  your  donations  in  the  basket  then  we  are  not  able  to  claim  any  tax  back. However, we will be able to claim if you just put your donations in the envelopes given to you. These envelopes will run from  6 April to the following 5 April to align with the tax year. All participants will be given a new box each year with your own unique envelope number.

Would you like your donations to be gift aided?

If you would like your donations to be gift aided, and we hope you will, St Andrew’s will be able to maximise the tax claim allowable under current tax rules.

In order for St Andrew’s to comply with the new GDPR regulations coming into force on 23 May 2018 please download the  Gift Aid Declaration Form and the Standing Order Form to use. Once downloaded, complete, sign and send or email the forms back to the presbytery at 45 Brook Road, Thornton Heath, Surrey CR7 7RD or give them to any member of the pastoral team. If you have downloaded the old version please destroy and do not use as it is no longer valid

Please do not hesitate to email St. Andrews RC Church [email protected] should you require further information.

For more information, read the Gift Aid Mass Talk and the Gift Aid Presentation Slides.

With your support and generosity we can make a difference together.